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  Worm Tea; Worm Castings ;Composting Worms 

Made From Recycled Material From the

Acadiana Area


    Brewed for at least 48 hours 

  with a combination of natural ingredients this Liquid fertilizer is MORE than just a fertilizer.


  Use as foliage spray, at normal watering or as a soil drench. Sold in concentrated form use as is OR dilute  1part tea - 2 parts water.  


Foliage spray- use in early morning or evening to avoid sunburn.

-MUST be used day of pick up OR can be refrigerated for up to 3 days. -Product not guaranteed after this period. Worm Tea is filled with LIVING bacteria that die without oxygen.


-Condition your soil by repopulating with microbes

 -Enrich roots 

 -Improve soil texture and fertility.

- add nutrients directly to the soil - increase the biological activity in the soil.

 -builds an environment that will continuously feed your plants.

-indoor and outdoor

-more foliage ,bigger harvests 

  1 gallon- $8  

 2 gallons- $1

 3 gallons - $15

 4 gallons -$20

5 gallons- $25

Photo Mar 03, 10 06 10 AM.jpg

WLR; Worm CAstings

Made from %100 recycled material from the Acadiana Area 


The end product of our Vermicomposting systems ; WLR Worm Castings

 - contains minerals & nutrients ,such as concentrated nitrates, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus

-Worm castings are also a 100% organic fertilizer that can increase a plant's yield

-protect both soil and plants from diseases, and help the soil retain moisture

-add microbes , fungi and bacteria 

-build an environment in your soil that will continuously support your plants

-indoor or outdoor 






 1lb- $8

2lb- $15

3lb- $20

4lb- $25

5lb- $30

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Composting Worms 

  Looking to compost your kitchen scraps and other yard and paper  waste at your home? 

  Buy some of our worms ! 


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