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Residential food waste disposal

Residential food waste disposal

PICKUP option_After signing up your final price per month will be $16 per month . bins will be handed out to subscribers within 3 weeks ! Fill bins up with kitchen waste and/or brown paper waste (No liquids or plastics) cover with layer of compost after each day - Bins are picked up 2x per month - Compost is delivered with each new clean bin so it can be layered on top of food waste as it is disposed of. A one time fee of $50 for bin usage is charged after sign up. After your $50 invoice is paid you will receive your new bin within 3 weeks! .

Drop off option $6 per month Drop off food waste and pick up clean buckets at your convenience 5 buckets per household. 

Drop off at TOPS or 206 Vivian Drive (no bin usage fee). After filling out your info Choose ("Pickup" when navigating on delivery options)

Every subscriber reiceives 5lbs Worm Poop and 5 gallons of worm tea  each year .

Brown paper waste and yard waste accepted also

  • How to dispose of food waste

    Fill 4 gallon buckets with kitchen waste inside, empty food waste into outside bins and cover with layer of compost provided by WLR .

    Each bin is picked up a new clean bin is dropped off to your home .

  • A one time fee of $50 for bin usage

    A one time fee of $50 for bin usage will be charged after sign up. Your bin will be delivered after you $50 fee is received.

Price Options
FOOD Bucket program
$6.00every month until canceled
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